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Boys & Girls Academy Where Being With Peers Is Like Being With Family


We Offer:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Multi-sensory Teaching Techniques
  • Specialized Reading Program usin

ABEKA Curriculum

  • Teaching with Technology
  • Individual/Small Group Assistance
  • Multi-Level Learning Environment
  • Activity Based Learning Methods

How Are We Different?

LA Academy provides the unique benefit of very small class sizes and multisensory teaching techniques that exercise the three main types of learning (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic) so that “No Boy Is Left Behind.”


Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

ABEKA reading program provides an advanced reading and phonics program. Research has shown that within a few months, most children receiving ABEKA reading instruction are reading independently. The ABEKA program has proven to be a blend of excellence in academics and is built on Biblical truth.

Grades 3rd through 6th

The instructional program for grades 3rd-6th continues the educational foundation which was begun on the lower grade level. Research has shown that students using the ABEKA program consistently score higher than the national average on standardized achievement tests.


LA Academy will accomplish its mission by creating community-based learning centers with the following attributes:

· Multi-sensory Teaching Environment

· Phonics-Based Reading Foundation

· Student/Teacher Ratio (Max.12:1)

· Bible-Based Curriculum

· Technology and Computer Skills

· Character Development

· Cultural Arts – creative expressions

· Journaling and Writing

· Caring and Dedicated Staff

· Mentoring

LA Academy believes the small learning center and class size is essential to the success for both students and the LA Academy staff, because it produces minimal distractions and stress.

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